Katy and Kris met at a birth center while they were both pregnant with their first babies. As they ventured into parenthood, they both became extremely disappointed in the biological inaccuracies of children’s books. They decided to do something about it, so Kris wrote and Katy illustrated their first book in the Budding Biologist series, Am I an Insect, in 2012.

Dr. Kristine (Kris) Callis-Duehl has a PhD in Biology from the University of Florida. She is a Post-Doc at the University of California-Irvine and Davis. She has been published in the academic literature for her research on plant-insect interactions and plant defense as well as on science education. She lives outside of Sacramento, CA with her husband and two young boys.

Katy Castronovo has a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Ohio State University and uses various media formats such as carving, painting and photography in her artwork. She currently lives in Iowa City, IA. She is excited to be bringing together art and science with Budding Biologist. See her artist website at kcastronovo.com

EDUCATION DIRECTOR: Karen Boley is the education director at Budding Biologist. She has a BA in elementary education from the University of Mount Union and an MS in language education from Indiana University, with a focus on ESL and reading. She has over a decade of experience as a teacher and an administrator both in the U.S. and Switzerland, and is currently involved with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia.

BUSINESS MANAGER: Emily is the business manager of Budding Biologist. She has a degree in computer science from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Indiana University.

Budding biologist corporate headquarters address: 1034 Marcy Street Iowa City, IA 52240